Designed to Eliminate Coolant Mist

The MistAway unit easily installs directly on an enclosed machine tool and creates a negative pressure inside the enclosure. This negative air pressure prevents air contaminates from escaping the enclosure, and prevents coolant mist from exiting as you open the doors of your machines. As machining takes place, the air is removed from the machining area and filtered to remove coolant mist, smoke and contaminates, and then is returned outside of the machine tool enclosure fresh and clean.

Simple and Reliable Operation

The Mistaway unit requires very little maintenance. When maintenance becomes necessary, filter access is very quick and easy. Filters deliver long life, and are low cost.

Affordable and Economical to Use

The MistAway Mist Collector uses inexpensive, standard size filters
that simply slide in place. The filters are accessed quickly and
easily via a tool-free access door in the front of the unit.

MistAway could be plugged into a 120V switched outlet and
manually switched on/off as needed, or used with the optional
"Mist Manager" to turn mist collector on/off automatically.


Plenum mounts to bottom of unit for installations where direct machine mounting is not applicable. Plenum provides for connection to 6" or 8" round hose. Plenum is used if unit is mounted to a wall or side of a machine, or with the stand. Stand elevates the MistAway collector above the floor, or on top of a machine. Hepa Filter is optional and provides for Hepa level filtration. Hepa filter bolts to the top of the unit and can be added at any time.

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